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Preparing for GDPR: Set your organisation on the path to compliance - FULLY BOOKED

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08:45 Tuesday 10th October 2017

  • The Event

Data protection law is changing. From May next year, all non-profit organisations must be ready to comply with the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Government has also just announced a new Data Protection Bill. Time is short and preparation is key.

Every organisation needs to understand the significant impact the GDPR will have across all areas of operation – from individual consent to the right to be forgotten, from internal IT systems to negotiating contracts with third-parties. A new accountability requirement means organisations will need to be ready to demonstrate their understanding and compliance with data protection. Failure to comply could result in huge fines and potentially catastrophic reputational damage.

This workshop, jointly organised by sector leaders Adapta Consulting and Russell-Cooke, will give you an understanding of the legal and technical requirements of the GDPR as well as the practical steps you need to take to prepare. Through shared learning, you will identify key challenges for your organisation and map out the steps you need to take to deal with them.

Delegates will leave with an understanding of their data protection obligations under the GDPR and a personalised action plan to put their organisation on the path to compliance.

The Programme




Introduction – plan for the day                               
Adapta Consulting


The legal perspective – overview of legal requirements highlighting what’s new in the GDPR


Practical considerations for responding to the challenges of GDPR
Adapta Consulting


Group work: demystifying the requirements GDPR
Each table discusses a case study and agrees some questions about the requirements of GDPR, to put to the panel (or, optionally, can discuss a real situation of their own)


Short coffee break


Follow-up to questions: Each group presents to the room their case study and their associated questions. Adapta and Russell-Cooke facilitate discussion and provide answers where applicable.


Developing an action plan
Action plan templates are handed out. Everybody completes an action plan for their own organisation. Adapta and Russell-Cooke circulate the room and support where needed.


Practical next actions
Tables discuss the top 3 actions they plan to do next and then share any key ideas/thoughts with the room


Summary and close

Learning for the day

Delegates should leave with:

  • A better understanding of the legal requirements of GDPR and the proposals in the Data Protection Bill and answers to their questions about them.
  • Shared experiences with other non-profit organisations on how to respond to the practical challenges of GDPR.
  • Practical next steps, an action plan to achieve compliance with GDPR, and actions to take back to their organisation after the workshop.

Who should attend?

Senior managers and trustees of non-profit organisations.

How to book

Cost: £49 plus VAT


If you have any queries regarding the event, email Paul Stirrat or telephone 020 7250 4788.

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