How to choose the right CRM/Website partner

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10:00 Wednesday 25th November 2020

Memcom, On-line event,

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Avoiding the pitfalls when selecting new suppliers.

Choosing a new CRM or website supplier is probably one of the largest purchases you are going to make with potentially damaging consequences if you don’t follow some basic rules of engagement. Join two independent consultancies, Ben Sturt of Chrysalis Digital and Iain Pritchard of Adapta Consulting around the table to ask your questions and listen to other organisations experiences and come away with hopefully a little bit more insight on how to run a successful tender process to choose the right partners that drive your associations digital business forward. 

Target audience: C Suite, Directors and SMT.

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain insights on how to run a successful tender;
  • Compare and learn from other associations experiences;
  • When is the right time to tender and what typically drives a need for procurement;
  • What's the wider impact to my Association.


Iain Pritchard, Partner, Adapta Consulting.
Ben Sturt, Managing Director, Chrysalis Digital.

Note: This is a free memcom organised event.

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Memcom, On-line event,

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