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Information security and cake

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14:00 Wednesday 31st March 2021

Online virtual event,

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Not so long ago, many organisations tended to leave information security to the IT department, with perhaps a little input from facilities and HR where there were implications for physical office security or the policy side of things. It was often thought of as being a bit of a “techy” topic, albeit understood as an important one, and security-minded individuals often thought themselves lucky if organiational engagement consisted of more than a passing reference to it in the organisational risk register or some rules laid out in the staff handbook.
Today, the increasing need to protect data and organisational information is well-recognised. Global access to electronic records and our increasing dependency on data mean that we all need to think seriously about what we store and how best to protect it. Many organisations have directly experienced, to varying degrees of seriousness, cyber-attacks or incidents that have given them cause for concern. Others are simply concerned about the possibility of weak controls or working practices which could result in a data breach – and perhaps aren’t really sure where to start or which of the many standards (if any) might be appropriate for their organisation. Then there are the expectations of funders and other interested parties; whether it’s completing the ever-expanding ‘security’ sections of funding application forms or satisfying the expectations of an enquiring trustee, those who are accountable for an organisation’s data or reputation are increasingly finding themselves needing to have at hand a credible answer to the question “So how are we doing in terms of information security?”. 
In this session, we will discuss the pre-requisites for safeguarding data, and the measures you need to make sure are in place to meet an increasingly sophisticated array of cyber-security challenges. The session will draw on case studies from the sector and the subsequent discussion will cross the traditional departmental boundaries; so, senior managers have been invited from finance, HR, fundraising, marketing and communications disciplines as well as those with information systems responsibilities.
The programme


Arrival and welcome

Paul Sypko - Adapta Consulting
Welcome to the event, introductions and overview of the agenda for the afternoon.



Why we need effective and robust information security
A short overview of the current threats and the practical measures organisations are putting in place.


Case studies

Short stories from charity speakers
Short practical case studies from speakers who have implemented effective information security strategies within their organisation – including the challenges they encountered along the way...and how these were overcome.


Discussion and feedback

Breakout discussions and feedback.

15.55 - 16.00

Review and close

Paul Sypko - Adapta Consulting

Attendance at each event earns 2 CPD points.

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Online virtual event,

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