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Answer Time: Information security - A Zoom panel Q/A session

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14:00 Wednesday 21st April 2021

Online virtual event - 2pm-3.15pm,

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Cyber security is big business – but most of all for criminals. At the turn of the century, the threat was as much from students in bed-sits as it was from professional gangs. Hacking into The Pentagon was occasionally in the news along with breaching large company email accounts. But it didn't happen that often. The anti-virus companies were busy – but most organisations didn’t feel the issue warranted the attention of senior managers. Charities got on with other things. It’s not like that now. The situation has changed out of all recognition and charities are as much at risk from ransomware attacks and theft of critical or sensitive data as any other type of organisation. Understandably, news about breaches is managed as much as possible – but the threats are now massive and real and an increasing number of organisations in the sector are having to deal with the catastrophic consequences of poor security.

In this session, leading figures from the sector talk about the steps organisations can take to manage the risks – and what organisations may have to do if one day that isn’t enough.

Whilst we cannot give you instant solutions, we can provide ideas and help you make the most of your precious resources to ensure risks are minimised.  Join us for Answer Time and be a part of the solution to some of the key issues facing NFPs.

This month's panel features specialists in informatation security:

Jon Cheyne
Adapta consultant and Former Director of IT at the National Theatre.


Martyn Croft
Partner of the Charities Security Forum and former Chief Information Officer at Salvation Army UK Territory.  

Paul Sypko
Partner and information security management specialist at Adapta. Fellow of the Institute of Consulting, and Institute of Leadership Management and Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.


To book places
Spaces are limited to 25 for this event and open only to charities, membership organisations and other non-profit organisations. Register here.  Confirmation with joining instructions will be emailed to you.

Online virtual event - 2pm-3.15pm,

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