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Answer Time: Data strategy

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14:00 Wednesday 8th September 2021

Online virtual event - 2pm-3.15pm,

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Adapta’s discussion sessions are among the most sought-after events in the third sector calendar. Answer Time forms part of our online collection of webinars, round-table discussions and video talks, and features a panel of thought leaders and specialists from the sector. At each session we bring together a different group of experts to answer your questions about the opportunities, challenges and changes facing the sector.

Answer Time sessions are invitation only and participation is restricted to charities, membership bodies, trusts and other NfP organisations. The panel sessions are organised and chaired by Adapta and delivered by Zoom. Each session lasts 45 minutes and is recorded for participants to download afterwards, share and discuss further.

About this Answer Time session

For all organisations, including not-for-profits, we are now living in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever. Managed well and securely, data can help your organisation create more effective fundraising campaigns, help your organisation provide more appropriate support to your beneficiaries, and provide insights that help your cause develop and thrive. But badly managed and insecure data can lead to reputational and financial risk.  

Whilst we cannot give you instant solutions, we can help you understand some of the ideas you can adopt to become more successful with your approach to data! Join us for Answer Time and be a part of the solution to some of the key issues facing NFPs:

- What are the tell-tale signs that my organisation needs to improve how we manage and govern data?

- What can an organisation do to put in place some basics that encourage better data governance?

- How does the technology used by our organisation and our supporters contribute to good data management?

Put your specific questions around these themes to our panel and share your experiences in a round-the-table discussion in our new series of Answer time sessions and let’s inspire each other. 

About the panel

This month’s panel features specialists in data strategy:

Jo Fulford
Adapta Associate Consultant and former Data Integrity Specialist at the Advertising Standards Authority.

Keith Collins
Principal Consultant, Adapta Consulting

David Membrey – Chair
Principal Consultant, Adapta Consulting

To make a booking

Spaces are limited to 25 for this round table question time style event. Attendance is free and only open to charities, memberships, trusts and other non-profit organisations. Complete the online booking form here.

Online virtual event - 2pm-3.15pm,

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