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Adapta Events

Our events focus around strategic shared learning for senior managers to gain knowledge and understanding from peers with the key aim of drawing out best practice. At each event guest speakers from charities are invited to give case study style presentations, sharing practical insights into current issues facing the sector. This is followed by facilitated group discussion.

In 2018 98% of attendees rated our events as either excellent or good. Click here to view testimonials from regular attendees as to the benefits they receive from attending Adapta events.

If you would like to receive updates on our events aimed at charities, membership bodies and other not-for-profit organisations email us at paulstirrat@adaptaconsulting.co.uk

Implementing cloud-based accounting systems in small charities

12:00 Monday 4th October 2021

This ICAEW organised session will take the fear out of implementing accounting systems in small charities. The panel will suggest a range of suitable systems, help you plan the implementation process and prove that it can be done with a minimum level of support.

Digital strategies and cake

14:00 Wednesday 17th November 2021

Online virtual event,

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted almost every person and organisation around the world, and the non-profit sector was not spared. In response to these challenges, our sector was forced to innovate at speed, and find new ways - often using digital tools to engage with our audiences, support our beneficiaries, and provide our staff and volunteers with the tools to do their jobs. In this session we will touch upon some of the success stories, reflect back on how the non-profit sector has responded to these challenges, and consider what the 'new new normal' might look like. Which of these digital innovations - driven by the response to the challenges of the last 18 months - will stick; and what might this mean in terms of our future digital strategies?