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Our events focus around strategic shared learning for senior managers to gain knowledge and understanding from peers with the key aim of drawing out best practice. At each event guest speakers from charities are invited to give case study style presentations, sharing practical insights into current issues facing the sector. This is followed by facilitated group discussion.

In 2018 98% of attendees rated our events as either excellent or good. Click here to view testimonials from regular attendees as to the benefits they receive from attending Adapta events.

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Selecting a new grant management system

11:00 Tuesday 14th January 2020

Central London TBC,

There are many suppliers and software packages available to the charitable sector, designed for managing relationships with supporters, grantees/partners, members and others, but how do you choose the system that best supports the specific needs of your foundation? Many systems include modules that provide additional capabilities to support grant administration, but foundations are increasingly looking for systems that meet more complex requirements around impact reporting, partnership working, loans and social investment. This seminar will help you make the right decision for your foundation.

Data architecture and cake

14:00 Wednesday 5th February 2020

The King's Fund, 11 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN

Many charities struggle to develop consistent models and standards to govern all the data that is collected and stored across the organisation. Putting in place agreed terminology (a data dictionary) can be much more complicated than expected as it is more about organisational culture and breaking down silos than about technology. If you want to integrate systems (HR, CRM, finance etc) and especially if you plan to introduce a central data warehouse and organisation-wide business intelligence this is an essential requirement. Going through a data architecture project will also help streamline compliance with data protection and make delivery of subject access requests and data retention rules significantly easier.

Volunteer Management Systems and cake

14:00 Wednesday 1st April 2020

The King's Fund, 11 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN

Volunteering has always been a fundamental element of charities and not for profit organisations. Over time, expectations of volunteers have rightly increased in terms of the activities they undertake, how organisations support, train and engage them and how their data is held and shared. At the same time, many organisations have increasingly come to rely on volunteer capacity in the delivery of a range of services. In response, volunteer management has had to develop both in terms of the processes we follow and the systems we use to support our volunteer workforce in the Sector.

Project management and cake

14:00 Thursday 21st May 2020

The King's Fund, 11 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN

Projects are messy, depend on people – as well as the project steering group and project team, the sponsor, stakeholders, suppliers… – and never quite go to plan. Key to project success though are the project manager and team, but how do you resource the project for a successful outcome? What are the benefits and challenges of recruiting an experienced external project manager? Would it be better for your projects to skill up a member of staff to take on the role? Can it work to have a part-time project manager reporting to someone else on the project? What support might they need throughout the project and how can the project sponsor help?

CRM and cake IX

14:00 Wednesday 15th July 2020

The King's Fund, 11 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN

The CRM terrain continues to be hard to navigate; software choices are still blurred; suppliers with sector experience continue to rise and fall; and the success stories are still hard to come by. This session offers confidential insights into the experience of a cross-section of organisations implementing strategic supporter, membership and case management systems. With case study illustrations and contributions from charity leaders, this session will focus on the risks still involved with CRM and the process, people and technology issues organisations need to grapple with to get it right.

Accounting packages and cake

14:00 Wednesday 30th September 2020

The King's Fund, 11 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN

Following on from the success of our previous accounting software sessions, this year’s event will offer an update on the latest developments for the sector, the state of the market, and will also examine some case studies that exemplify the risks and benefits of real-world implementations. Delegates will be invited to share experiences of software and suppliers as well as discussing examples of good practice for selecting and implementing the right package for your organisation.

Digital strategies and cake

14:00 Wednesday 25th November 2020

The King's Fund, 11 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0AN

The focus on digital sharpens with every passing week; and the expectation among supporters, members, customers and others is driving the conversation to the highest management levels. But progress in many organisations is still slow; and digital leaders are increasingly concerned. What makes for a good digital strategy and where do you start? In this session we will discuss the key elements to an effective strategy; what that needs to address; and we’ll hear from leading organisations about where they’ve been successful, where they’ve struggled and how they overcame some of the challenges they faced.

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