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Selecting a replacement fundraising and CRM contact management system

Selecting a replacement fundraising and CRM contact management system

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How Adapta helped Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity select a replacement fundraising and CRM contact management system.

Great Ormond Street HospitaGreatrl Children’s Charity (GOSHCC) is the fundraising arm of Great Ormond Street Hospital, the world renowned children’s hospital in London. Based in Russell Square their fundraising team carries out a broad range of fundraising activities including direct marketing, events, major gifts, corporates legacies and trusts.

In 2014 they had already carried out an initial requirements exercise with a view to replacing their existing fundraising software that was struggling to meet today’s increasingly demanding requirements for a more integrated approach to fundraising. They had identified user stories, functional requirements and technical areas that needed to be taken into account and had decided that a platform-based solution rather than a proprietary package was probably the way forward.

They needed to validate what they had done so far, so they asked Adapta to help facilitate a series of workshops at which teams would go through their requirements. We would then check out, challenge and ask questions based on our knowledge and experience of the sector, what other organisations are doing, and what range of different software products might be able to do. This meant we could produce a more rounded analysis rooted more clearly in the business processes that the charity needed to support.

GOSHCC asked us to help manage the next stage of the work – the procurement of the new CRM software. We helped them tune their proposed selection procedures and introduced some helpful components into the process in terms of structure, requirements documents to suppliers, proof of concept stage management and helped manage the event and engagement between suppliers and the charity. We worked closely with the project team, complementing them and sharing our knowledge and experience through advice and support where needed.

They selected the best supplier and software not only based on the rigour of the process we had helped with, but on completeness of requirements we had helped them formulate.