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Developing a Business Case

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A business case is a document that describes the need for change and how that change can be achieved for your organisation. Implementing change requires resources to be invested, including management and staff time and money. There are many competing demands on an organisation’s resources and some projects may not be worth this effort. The business case provides senior managers and trustees with information to evaluate the change project and understand the impact it will have on your organisation.

Adapta can help you develop your business case to make sure all the benefits, issues, options and risks have been considered. Our approach will secure the engagement of all the people concerned, including staff, trustees and volunteers. We make sure that you have a sound basis for the next stages of your project and the confidence that you have made the right decision.

We adapt our approach to meet your needs. The main steps are:

Step 1 Planning and preparation
We agree with you the overall process and the people who need to be involved, whether that means just one or two people or a team of key individuals

Step 2 Investigation
Where we hold meetings and workshops to identify the key components of the business case to explore your current issues and requirements

Step 3 Analysis
In which we analyse the findings and identify the range of potential solutions, taking into account you organisation's strategic objectives and priorities

Step 4 Evaluation
Where we research your preferred options in detail, which can include requesting information from suppliers and third parties

Step 5 Presentation
In which we draft the business case with you, and present to the key decision makers

We liaise with you throughout to discuss key findings and the best outcome for your organisation.

Our experience and approach enables all stakeholders, including senior managers, staff and trustees to give their full support to the project and allows staff across the organisation to anticipate and prepare for the time and effort they will be asked to make later on.

At Adapta, we have a proven approach to helping organisations present the rationale for change. We work exclusively with charities and not for profits, which means that we understand the challenges and the difficulties you face. Our consultants are highly experienced facilitators and we use those techniques in meetings and workshops to draw out the issues and priorities which will make your business case complete and convincing.

"[The team's] work really helped us to pull the different threads we had been working on together into a coherent plan."
John Young, Director of Programmes, ODI