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Digital Services

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At Adapta, we are aware that many not-for-profits are in the process of grappling with being – or becoming – 'digital' in order to stay competitive and relevant. For most, that means some or all of: improving or replacing technical infrastructure; redefining and automating processes; integrating IT systems; getting up-to-speed with new tools, terminology and techniques; and learning how to communicate and market effectively through the new channels.
Becoming digital is therefore a complex challenge – especially when you consider that it involves multiple stakeholders with differing agendas and varying levels of digital literacy, the need for fundamental change management, and some level of risk as your organisation moves into unfamiliar territory.
We can offer both support and deep insight into the following ways to help your organisation along on its digital journey:

  • Audit/review aspects of your organisation's existing digital activity
  • Facilitate internal discussions to bring stakeholders together and help foster a shared understanding – and align objectives – around digital
  • Support you with the engagement of third party digital agencies
  • Assist you in related technology selection - such as a content management system
  • Help to guide and mentor your digital people, particularly those involved in production
  • Quality assure output from your third party digital suppliers at various stages of delivery

Our approach, process and deliverables

Our approach is always collaborative. We use workshops wherever appropriate, with the ultimate aim of building understanding and mutual agreement around a particular problem or solution. We also like to produce our reviews and documentation with as much involvement from stakeholders as is possible and appropriate - principally to foster a sense of shared ownership in the output.
Our process of engagement with you depends entirely on the nature of the project. Once we have a good understanding of the particular challenge, we put together our proposed approach, which may include one or some of the following:

  • Facilitated workshops with key stakeholders (with the aim of working together to produce a particular output, for example, a set of digital
    objectives, a story map for a new online process, or a feature list for a CMS)
  • Documented reviews/audits (for example, of an organisation's web presence) along with our recommendations for improvement
  • Assistance with writing up specifications/requirements, or helping to produce RFP documentation
  • Involvement in pitch meetings and agency selection
  • Involvement in recruiting processes, particularly for digital production personnel
  • Reviews at various stages of digital project delivery for the purpose of quality assurance

We can help your organisation align internally around digital activity and move forward with a shared sense of purpose. We can help you recruit to fill skills gaps, and provide mentoring as needed. We can work with you to ensure your digital projects run to time and budget. Finally, we can help to ensure your web presence is working as hard for you as possible to achieve your organisational objectives.

Benefits of our approach

In working with you on the planning and delivery of your digital activity, we aim to help you:

  • Build shared understanding internally and thus encourage collaboration and integration across the many
    stakeholders involved
  • Establish the right internal culture for digital change
  • Build confidence in your decision-making around digital - from purchase decisions to staff recruitment to third
    party engagement – to reduce risk, and help to safeguard investment
  • Make the right progress of digital projects, navigating through the issues or challenges as they arise to
    maintaining project momentum and meet staff and supporters' expectations

Leading Your People Through Change

Leading your People through Change

Change is inevitable, often requiring new ways of thinking and doing – shifting people from what they are used to, into the unknown. For many, change can be a positive thing; for others it may generate a feeling of uncertainty and resistance.

No matter how well designed your change programme is, not everyone will be on board from day one. Inherent or even justified resistance may lead to decreased morale and disinterest, causing a knock-on effect on your ability to capitalise on any benefits.

HR, should look at the likely needs in terms of your people, including recruitment requirements for the vision of your business, how to speed up the on-boarding process and how to build a talent pipeline, as well as ensuring that people practices and policies are aligned with your change programme. This must be done alongside the change consultant or leader so that the new needs of the business are met.

Here, at Adapta we can offer you a wealth of expertise on Change and People Management to ensure your people are with you on your journey.