Fast-track Transformation

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"How do we engage with supporters and beneficiaries now?" "How do we adapt to deliver services to members?" "How do we complete the transformation from office to home working?" "What did we do that worked?" "What do we still need to change?" "What new technology will we need?" "How do we adapt for the new future?" "Where do we find the expertise and resources we need?"

These are just some of the questions echoing around the sector as we emerge from a global transformation that will leave many organisations facing unprecedented challenges. Technology is part of the answer - but Adapta is working with clients to make sure that any changes are wholistic and sustainable as well as flexible and effective. Figure 1 below shows the way organisations will need to adapt to fit the new world order.

Fast-track Transformation 1
Figure 1

The first thing has to be a review of the engagement, services and impact that really matter to you; what your organisation has learned from recent experience and how the way you have worked until now may need to change. With that understanding in place, the next step is to consider the roles, responsibilities and facilities that you will need to make that possible. Finally, you can turn the plan into action and make the changes that you need. All of that can happen quickly and safely – but only if you have the right resources with the right knowledge, skills and experience.

How we can help

Adapta's consultants have been working this way with clients for many years. We specialise in the sector, which means we understand the challenges – and opportunities – facing the sector; and we are completely supplier- independent, which means our guidance and support is focused completely on the best interests of the organisations we work with. Figure 2 below describes our structured approach to change.

Fast-track Transformation 2
Figure 2

Our resources

The secret to effective transformation is to recognise the need for coordinated change across the whole organisation. Point solutions will not be enough. But that means people and skills that most organisations do not have to hand. Adapta's fast-track transformation team fills the gap. We offer a complete cross-cutting combination of specialists including:

Fast-track Transformation 3

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