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Managing Implementations

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All information systems projects carry risk. However, the risks in the case of software implementations are considerable; statistically, the failure rate for an organisation-wide system such as a customer relationship management (“CRM”) database is greater than 50%. The reasons are usually complex, but the most significant cause is often a lack of appropriate involvement by staff and/or members, coupled with an unclear or unrealistic plan for achieving the required organisational change. Our approach to managing a system implementation is designed to minimise risk, ensuring that your system is delivered on time, within budget, and satisfies your success criteria.

We tailor a package of services with you to ensure that your new systems are implemented efficiently and set up to support your needs now, and in the future. Typically, this can range from acting as your sole project manager to supporting someone nominated from within the organisation.

The services we provide include:

  • Establishing effective project governance
  • Preparing and managing detailed project and resource plans
  • “Hands-on” project management (either directly or in support of your project manager)
  • Presenting to your management team and staff in non-technical terms about the objectives of the project and how it is to be controlled
  • Acting as arbiter in the event there is conflict between the in-house project team and the supplier over any deliverable

We are also experienced in carrying out:

  • "Independent project reviews" - providing advice and support to the project’s steering group or project manager, to ensure good project governance and to flag potential issues (e.g. regarding the level of stakeholder engagement) at the earliest possible stage so that action can be taken where necessary.
  • “Post implementation review” – concentrating on assessing the extent to which the benefits expected frosm any new system (and associated business process improvements) have been achieved. Where results have fallen short of the desired goal, we will help determine the reasons for this and put in place a plan of action to address them.Benefits of this approach

Our approach ensures that there is participation from staff and key stakeholders in the process which will maximise the opportunities for buy-in to the decisions and change. The approach is designed to build a good relationship with the supplier throughout the process, including during the selection stage to give your organisation the best possible chance of a successful implementation. We are experienced in enabling suppliers and our clients to work effectively together; we enable them to agree and work to ambitious yet achievable implementation plans and to resolve the issues that arise during an implementation.

"[The team] are helping us to make the best possible start to what we hope will be a major, transformation project for the Fund. They have an expert and practical approach that means we can be ambitious about what we want to achieve, but realistic about the work and planning required to get there."
Michelle Dixon, Director of Communications, The King's Fund

Leading Your People Through Change

Leading your People through Change

Change is inevitable, often requiring new ways of thinking and doing – shifting people from what they are used to, into the unknown. For many, change can be a positive thing; for others it may generate a feeling of uncertainty and resistance.

No matter how well designed your change programme is, not everyone will be on board from day one. Inherent or even justified resistance may lead to decreased morale and disinterest, causing a knock-on effect on your ability to capitalise on any benefits.

HR, should look at the likely needs in terms of your people, including recruitment requirements for the vision of your business, how to speed up the on-boarding process and how to build a talent pipeline, as well as ensuring that people practices and policies are aligned with your change programme. This must be done alongside the change consultant or leader so that the new needs of the business are met.

Here, at Adapta we can offer you a wealth of expertise on Change and People Management to ensure your people are with you on your journey.