Ingrid Jack Profile
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Ingrid Jack

Ingrid is a Prosci® Certified Change Management Practitioner with 20+ years' experience as a leader, manager and consultant working with large and small organisations in a variety of sectors. She has a strong track record of finding solutions to challenges, using the alignment of technology, people and process – identifying, releasing and enabling the potential in an organisation to drive successful change and improved outcomes.

Ingrid has significant experience of successfully guiding teams and supporting organisations to respond to the changing needs of the marketplace and their customers. Her strong technical heritage from working for a major software vendor combined with her focus on the People Side of Change make her well aligned to working with organisations who are passionate about getting the best from their people and their technology investments.

Prior to working with Adapta, Ingrid was a Managing Architect for Microsoft Services, empowering organisations to achieve their digital aspirations. Before that she worked as a technical consultant and technical trainer specialising in infrastructure solutions.

Ingrid has also worked with a number of charities and not-for-profit organisations over the past 10 years. She has a clear understanding of the similarities and differences between corporate, charity and faith-based organisations, and appropriate ways to manage and support change in each of these settings. Ingrid is a trustee for two charities and plays an active role, using her professional expertise to support them as they grow, develop and meet the challenges of the digital world.