Jon Cheyne Profile
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Jon Cheyne

Jon is a senior technology leader with 20 years managing teams in some of the UK's largest and best known non-profits and arts organisations.

As Director of IT at the National Theatre the focus was about the migration to the cloud and fully integrated digital e-commerce. At the V&A the strategy involved replacing many different contact management and fund-raising applications with a single Dynamics CRM. At Shelter it was about the computerisation of case management records and call centre technology.

Jon brings a strategic view - how do your technology capabilities match the business plan for your organisation. For lots of understandable reasons, organisations find themselves with a collection of IT systems that don't quite gel and are not absolutely fit for purpose. Jon is experienced at developing communications that the board and other senior stakeholders can use to assure themselves that the investments in the right direction.

Secondly, Jon has a focus on assuring stakeholders that the requirements for technology improvements are well structured, include reference back to the business case for change, and that the organisation is continuously developing the capacity to develop and deliver the benefits.

Finally Jon is keen to see organisations take a board-driven view of the opportunities and risks associated with managing information. The GDPR mandates board involvement but defining information as a strategic asset is good practice.

Overall Jon's general approach is through organisational capacity building, using a combination of facilitation and coaching to encourage and develop people into new roles and ways of working. How to bring the strategic top down direction to meet the knowledge and experience of the front line staff.

Jon also founded a secondary school in east London with a small group of parents looking for a smaller and more creative school than was on offer at the time. Now in it's eighth year of operation, Jon served as Chair of Governors for 5 years and continues as a governor today.