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Selecting Software

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Charities, just like organisations in any other sector, depend on information systems to help them achieve impact and efficiency. Good technology can bring enormous benefits, but the choices – and the risks – are also huge. Finding the right software – and supplier – for your charity can be one of the greatest challenges your organisation will face.

However, with the right approach to software selection, you can avoid the pitfalls and make sure you get the most from your investment in IT. Functionality, performance, scalability and all the other technical considerations are important, and it is vital to take all those factors into account when looking at the options. However, your choice of supplier will be at least as important because, in the end, it will be the quality of that relationship – and the individuals involved – that will determine the success or failure of the implementation.

We believe that the best way to view the process of software selection is not so much as a conventional exercise in procurement but more like the due diligence that you would expect go through as part of a merger or acquisition.

Adapta offers a range of approaches to procuring package-based software. We help you choose the approach that will work best for your organisation, whether that is a formal approach that focuses on functionality and a competitive invitation to tender, or one of our more adaptive methods that will help you to find the right long-term supplier relationship.

Step 1
Setting up the project governance

Step 2
Establishing the rationale

Step 3
Reviewing the business process

Step 4
Preparing a request for information and shortlisting suppliers

Step 5

Step 6
Select the preferred supplier

Step 7
Planning the implementation and negotiating the contract

Our IS consultants have worked with a wide range of organisations as well as with all the main software and service suppliers. With more than 100 consultant-years’ experience between them, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the selection process. Included in our service are:

  • Templates for establishing a governance framework
  • Skeleton plans and timetables
  • A library of information about leading software packages, suppliers and resellers
  • Project management tools and resources
  • Regular progress reports

Our knowledge, experience and independence will help ensure you choose the right software for your organisation. Our consultants will work flexibly with you and your teams, using a range of techniques, tools and templates to allow you to go about the selection process in the way that works best for you.