Strategies for IT & Web

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An organisation can operate without a clear IT and web strategy – and many do. However, without a strategic framework, investment decisions about IT have to be made on their own merits and usually in relation to just one part of the organisation.

In the long run, this ad hoc decision-making is expensive. Before long, IT can become an obstacle to achieving the aims of the organisation rather than one of the most powerful resources at its disposal. A clear IT strategy enables an organisation to make appropriate, cost-effective decisions about IT.

Adapta can help you with your response to the challenges of developing and keeping your information and web systems up to date when faced with the increasing demands from across your organisation and the advance of new technologies. Our approach means that your IT strategy is not developed in isolation, but emanates from the overall organisational strategy and has secured the engagement of all the people concerned.

We can help you at all stages, whether you’re starting out, understanding your organisation’s IT needs, exploring options and making decisions, putting the strategy into action or want to check that you have achieved what you set out to do. We can help you to define and document:

  • The key organisational processes and information needs that your IT systems need to support
  • The main IT systems required to support these activities
  • The technology standards, policies, and support arrangements that your organisation needs in order to use the IT systems effectively
  • The projects to make all this happen

Our consultants are experienced with all aspects of governance, business cases, business processes and implementation. We work exclusively with charities and not for profit organisations, which means that we understand the challenges and the difficulties you face. Our approach means that we really understand your business needs, and build on this to ensure that information systems, IT and web solutions are well-suited to the culture of your organisation, as well as the operations.

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