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Adaptive Approach to Software Selection

The primary technical purpose of a contract is to define the legal obligations and entitlements of the parties involved. However, when it comes to contracts for Information systems products or services the primary purpose should be to define the projects roles and responsibilities, the expectations on both sides - and so in a way to flesh out the skeleton of the project plan. After all a contract is a project document. Adapta's Iain Pritchard explains.

Making good choices – Software selection for Schools

Schools, in common with other organisations, depend on good information to make better business decisions. In the drive for more efficiency and effectiveness, good technology can bring huge benefits – but also huge risks. Finding the right software – and the right supplier – for your school can be a challenge. In our latest video Adapta's Iain Pritchard explains the right approach needed when selecting software for schools. The supporting article is also available to download.

A guide to CRM systems for not-for-profit organisations

Our updated CRM systems guide details suppliers and software packages that are capable of meeting many of the key requirements for effectively managing relationships. Adapta's Paul Sypko explains some of the notable changes that have occurred over the last couple of years.

What is 'Agile' project management?

Agile methodologies are becoming increasingly popular, and the word "agile" has become a buzzword in connection with delivering projects – but what exactly is Agile methodologies and what changes do NFP's need to make to use agile approaches effectively? Adapta's Libby Hare explains.

Processes, People and Technology

Well it's no accident that our strapline is incorporated in to our logo – these are the three areas that are key to achieving operational effectiveness. Most people tend to include the 'People' element first, but we believe Processes, People and Technology is the correct order when thinking about information systems and technology. Adapta's Iain Pritchard explains why.

Reflections on the evolution of CRM

CRM has changed massively over recent years. People now take for granted that information will be available to them in a number of different forms and expectations have never been higher. The centre of gravity has moved away from the technologists in organisations and much more towards the users of information in terms of setting the agenda and what the requirements are. Organisations that are going to be successful in the future are those that meet the expectations being set outside their organisation and not in it. Iain Pritchard reflects on how CRM has evolved in helping organisations meet strategic objectives.

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