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"Gain financial clarity and strategic insights by choosing the right system and partner, empowering your organisation to make informed decisions, streamline finance operations, and achieve sustainable financial health."

Charities are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their use of finance software.

It’s taken for granted that finance software will help get the accounting basics right - transaction processing, production of management accounts, and so on - and the focus has now shifted to activities that add value.

The right finance system will also provide business intelligence, personalised dashboards for staff, integration with CRM and other systems (such as for grants management), and essential NFP-specific elements for those that need them, such as SORP-compliant reporting and analysis, project coding to facilitate donor reporting, and partial VAT recovery analysis.

We employ a holistic approach to solution and supplier selection: taking into account the resources you have available, the culture that an implementation partner will need to recognise and appreciate, alongside the technical functionality and fit.

For those organisations able to resource the key project roles internally, we can provide support, backup and overall guidance; for those organisations that need us to, we can offer a complete set of project management and technical resources to help throughout.

Why Adapta

Adapta are independent, not resellers, and do not receive any commission or income from suppliers. As a team, we have helped to select – and go on to help implement – many finance systems; we know what works and what doesn’t; we know the pitfalls and how to avoid them, and we can bring more than 200 consultant years’ experience to support your project. All information systems projects are different –our consultants have worked with more than 300 organisations in the non-profit sector and we bring all that experience to our work with you.


We have helped many charities, membership organisations and other non-profit organisations with their Finance projects. Below are examples of just a few of the organisations we have worked with.

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What our clients say

, Iain McSeveney
Client Quote

Iain McSeveney
Finance Director, Medical Aid for Palestinians

"I’m very pleased with the professional way that Adapta managed the project for the selection of MAP’s new accounting software. It was obvious that they have great experience in the charity sector and on the range of suitable accounting software currently on the market..."

, Rachel Rand
Client Quote

Rachel Rand
Strategic Director - Finance and Corporate Services, NCB

"I would not embark on any IT project without first meeting with Adapta to understand how they feel they could support me. I have found their guidance and practical support invaluable…"

, Rosalba Leonelli
Client Quote

Rosalba Leonelli
Head of Finance, Client Earth

"Thank you to you and your team for developing and facilitating an excellent workshop. You fully understood our needs which were evident in the workshop structure and content…"

, Josh Weinberg
Client Quote

Josh Weinberg
Former Head of Financial Systems and Change, Citizens Advice

"We got exactly what we needed from Adapta - challenge, experience, assurance, yet in a context where we've still internally owned the decision making."