Governance and structure: Function reviews and resourcing models

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"Realistic advice to ensure that your IT or digital functions are appropriately resourced, and that your organisation has the skills and capabilities it will need for success with technology."

The role of the in-house technology team has changed massively during recent years. The sheer breadth of capabilities that are needed to help keep an organisation’s IT, digital and data systems running and in alignment with strategic needs often means that careful thought needs to be given as to where those skills and capabilities will be obtained.

Whether it’s through an in-house team, external providers (such as a managed IT services provider and/or with a combination of support contracts with specific solution vendors), or a more hybrid approach (e.g. making use of both an in-house arrangement and resources from external providers, whether on an on-demand/joint team working basis or through well-managed services contracts), we can help you to explore the options and find the right one for your organisation.

For more complex organisations, we’re also able to draw on ideas from frameworks such as SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age) to help you find and arrange the right package of capabilities, while also giving consideration to SIAM (Service Integration and Management) in order to simplify arrangements with external suppliers and ensure better accountability.

Why Adapta

We have huge experience of what really works in the sector. We recognise that many of our clients have limited resources to spend on technology management – but are demanding users and require high levels of support and service nonetheless. We give proper consideration not just to support and operational management, but also the broader capabilities required to successfully deliver technology-enabled projects and ensure that the IT/technology/digital and data teams become truly trusted partners with their colleagues throughout the organisation. With CIPD-qualified professionals on our team, we’re also able to help with any HR-related policies or issues that may come up as part of any restructuring.


We have helped many charities, membership organisations and other non-profit organisations with their Function reviews and resourcing models projects. Below are examples of just a few of the organisations we have worked with.

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What our clients say

, Emma Revie
Client Quote

Emma Revie
Chief Executive, Trussell Trust

“To achieve the level of change we saw in 6 months without the support of Adapta would have been impossible. Shortly after completing the project the pandemic hit. Without the work completed by Adapta, our organisation would not have been able to weather the pandemic and keep working.”

, Sunil Mir
Client Quote

Sunil Mir
Deputy Director - IT, ActionAid UK

"Adapta's team provided invaluable guidance throughout every stage of the project. They expertly navigated the complexities of Dynamics CRM, offering clear explanations, practical solutions, and proactive problem-solving."

, Paul Bartlett
Client Quote

Paul Bartlett
IT Manager, WSBH

"Adapta provided Woking and Sam Beare Hospices with a professional and truly independent consultancy service. Their advice was invaluable and having them on-board ensured that we could be completely transparent in our decision making and use best practice."

, Alex Beard
Client Quote

Alex Beard
Deputy Director, Tate

"The review was challenging as it highlighted a number of areas for improvement. But a particular strength was the way in which Adapta communicated their findings and conclusions to us, enabling a constructive and forward-looking response."