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"Cultivate a culture of growth and expertise within your organisation, offering mentorship and skill development opportunities that empower your team for long-term success."

Consultants often talk about “skills transfer” as being an essential part of any successful consultancy engagement. In other words, ensuring that the client is equipped for long-term success and is empowered to make the most of an investment in technology. The need for external expertise then becomes more of an occasional requirement when there is a significant change on the horizon or when specialist skills or knowledge, or even additional short-term capacity, are needed.

Our team of seasoned consultants regularly mentor and work alongside a client’s own staff to help them ‘step up’ and achieve more than they might otherwise be able to do on their own. Whether it’s somebody who is taking on a more strategic or senior-level role and needs a supporting hand to help guide them through the new challenges they face, or perhaps it’s somebody who is about to embark on a new project and needs somebody to share their expertise and knowledge – Adapta’s seasoned consultants are here to help.

Why Adapta

We regularly work alongside our clients to help them develop their own skills while also guiding them through new territory. We place considerable emphasis on tailoring our approach to the specific needs of the individuals or teams concerned, to ensure that they obtain from the mentoring and coaching sessions everything that they really need to be more effective in their role or with the specific challenge they’re facing. Over time, we find that the mentoring relationship becomes more akin to a ‘safe space’ for sharing ideas and working on challenges or initiatives together. We are able to bring experience of what has worked well in other organisations and talk those through as part of the mentoring or coaching relationship. Ultimately, we’re there to support in this context – but by bringing empathy, thoughtful insight, and deep experience of what works well in other organisations, we find that we quickly become a trusted friend as much as someone who is there to provide guidance and support.


We have helped many charities, membership organisations and other non-profit organisations with their Mentoring and skills development projects. Below are examples of just a few of the organisations we have worked with.

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What our clients say

, Emma Revie
Client Quote

Emma Revie
Chief Executive, Trussell Trust

“To achieve the level of change we saw in 6 months without the support of Adapta would have been impossible. Shortly after completing the project the pandemic hit. Without the work completed by Adapta, our organisation would not have been able to weather the pandemic and keep working.”

, Ian Chivers
Client Quote

Ian Chivers
Former Director of Finance & Operations, GOSHCC

"Thanks for all your invaluable help and guidance. We wouldn't be here without you. And don't think that you are escaping, we look forward to your ongoing support."

, Nigel Rowe
Client Quote

Nigel Rowe
Chief of Staff, Gurkha Welfare Trust

"The all-staff training session offered excellent value for money. Key staff have been able to engage Adapta on a range of matters since and have always found the consultants offered sound practical advice without bias."