Leadership and advice: Fractional CIO / Virtual IT Director

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"Benefit from the leadership, guidance and support of a friendly yet seasoned CIO or IT Director, at a fraction of the cost."

Organisations can often be without the technical leadership they need – just when they need it most.

Some will have outsourced as much as possible but now need that expertise in-house again; some have excellent in-house resources but not quite the right skills and experience for the challenges they are facing; some have lost key people because people sometimes just move on.

Whether you need an interim CIO for a few weeks or months, or a “virtual” IT director on an occasional (“fractional”) basis to guide your senior team and trustees, or even if you need a complete team with the right mix of digital, technical and change management skills to help you get to grips with a more complex set of challenges, Adapta can come alongside.

Our fractional CIO service can be rightsized to your exact needs. Starting from a minimum commitment of 2 days a month.

Why Adapta

Adapta has been helping charities, membership bodies and other non-profits for many years. Our team of consultants is drawn from the voluntary sector and includes people who have held senior management positions in both large and small organisations, as well as individuals with specialist experience in a range of sector-specific disciplines. We can act as a member of your management team and advise across all “top of mind” concerns such as corporate systems, digital workforce, infrastructure, cyber-security and compliance, digital marketing, and becoming data-driven. Team thinking and a holistic approach are at the heart of the support we offer. Even where we deliver a single consultant to help with a specific issue, all of Adapta’s resources – and the experience they represent – are sitting behind that individual, providing extra support and capacity.


We have helped many charities, membership organisations and other non-profit organisations with their Fractional CIO / Virtual IT Director projects. Below are examples of just a few of the organisations we have worked with.

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What our clients say

, Alison Seabrooke
Client Quote

Alison Seabrooke
Chief Executive, Bank Workers Charity

“Adapta helped BWC to quickly articulate its technology vision into a suite of workstreams and, provided support for each of them. Adapta were flexible and responsive throughout, adjusting their support to meet BWC’s needs.”

, Stephen Hammersley
Client Quote

Stephen Hammersley
Chief Executive, Pilgrims' Friend Society

“Adapta were pivotal to the successful implementation of some mission critical change projects. They brought us expertise that we lacked and supported us through all phases including specification; design; tendering and implementation - and they were nice people to deal with – respectful of our values and way of working.”

, Emma Revie
Client Quote

Emma Revie
Chief Executive, Trussell Trust

“To achieve the level of change we saw in 6 months without the support of Adapta would have been impossible. Shortly after completing the project the pandemic hit. Without the work completed by Adapta, our organisation would not have been able to weather the pandemic and keep working.”