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"Your digital presence is your voice; choosing the right partners can help you develop an engaging website that resonates with your audience, fostering connection, awareness, and seamless interaction for your cause or mission."

The role and purpose of a website has changed significantly: from a static source of information into a dynamic, often integrated, engagement platform. The public want to communicate with non-profits via digital channels they are familiar with and they expect to receive a prompt, personalised service.

As well as helping you to select the right partners to create or refresh your website, we can advise about ways to make your website part of an integrated digital offering.

Why Adapta

Adapta are independent, not resellers, and do not receive any commission or income from suppliers. Working with our experienced consultants will give you the opportunity to think about your website through three lenses: creativity, audience engagement, technology. We take the time to understand about your strategy as well as your stakeholders. We then consider which digital tools are required to support those needs, and help you identify the right CMS and web agency to create a dynamic, integrated website.


We have helped many charities, membership organisations and other non-profit organisations with their Website projects. Below are examples of just a few of the organisations we have worked with.

Surrey Care Association Logo
I CAN Logo
Lymphoma Action Logo
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Logo
MS Trust Logo

What our clients say

, Ian Chivers
Client Quote

Ian Chivers
Former Director of Finance & Operations, GOSHCC

"Thanks for all your invaluable help and guidance. We wouldn't be here without you. And don't think that you are escaping, we look forward to your ongoing support."

, Rebecca Pritchard
Client Quote

Rebecca Pritchard
Chief Executive, Surrey Care Association

"Board members were very positive about the functional requirements we developed and we wouldn't have got to this point without your support. We've learnt from your support, and you never made us feel stupid so many thanks."

, Deborah Laing
Client Quote

Deborah Laing
Director of Fundraising and Communications, Lymphoma Action

"Adapta provided expert advice to support our organisation whilst we assessed our website for its long-term suitability and development potential. Our contact was professional, knowledgeable and always happy to help."