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"Transform your organisation's strategic vision into reality with ambitious yet achievable planning for technology; we can help you to navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape with confidence and effectiveness."

Developments in the last few years have seen better integration – and greater interdependency – between digital systems, data analysis and technology. Strategic planning for technology needs to look holistically across the full range of potential solutions – and their combinations – and the challenge is therefore how best to do that. How do organisations with limited resources engage with the massive potential of modern solutions? What really works? How do we know the suggested investments will help us meet our organisational priorities? How do we even get started?

We start by understanding as much as possible about your organisation: we try to discern how digital, data and information technologies can support your objectives – and we try to surface the broader outcomes you want to achieve. We explore what really matters to you in terms of the impact you aim to make, or the services you want to deliver to stakeholders. We aim to get a strong sense of your culture and priorities – so that we can help you change what stands in the way (but also hold on to the values and ways of working that make you special). That means we spend time upfront, planning with you the most effective way to get things done and the best way to structure our involvement. From this, we are then able to work with you to identify the key requirements, the technical options and priorities, and the best overall strategic plan – as well as mechanisms for ensuring that it stays up to date and continues to adapt as your organisations grows and evolves and as new technologies, opportunities and practices become available.

Why Adapta

Our consultants are all seasoned professionals. We count both general IT practitioners as well as specialist experts in our team and we always assemble the right combination to suit your situation, the issues you face and the resources you need us to work with. We pride ourselves on bringing “confidence through clarity”. We know that uncertainty is the single greatest obstacle to planning and decision-making. We know the sector. We know the suppliers and the systems they offer. We can explain their strengths and weakness and we can show you the project pitfalls. Our consultants bring all their knowledge and experience, gleaned from a wide range of implementations, and we use that to guide and educate your own teams through the process.


We have helped many charities, membership organisations and other non-profit organisations with their Technology projects. Below are examples of just a few of the organisations we have worked with.

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What our clients say

, Phil Durbin
Client Quote

Phil Durbin
Former Head of Corporate Systems, Salvation Army

"Unlike many consultants, Adapta won’t tell you what you expect to hear. They will be very honest and challenging and, even if some of what they say is uncomfortable to hear, it means you end up getting better advice."

, Alison Seabrooke
Client Quote

Alison Seabrooke
Chief Executive, Bank Workers Charity

“Adapta helped BWC to quickly articulate its technology vision into a suite of workstreams and, provided support for each of them. Adapta were flexible and responsive throughout, adjusting their support to meet BWC’s needs.”

, Stephen Hammersley
Client Quote

Stephen Hammersley
Chief Executive, Pilgrims' Friend Society

“Adapta were pivotal to the successful implementation of some mission critical change projects. They brought us expertise that we lacked and supported us through all phases including specification; design; tendering and implementation - and they were nice people to deal with – respectful of our values and way of working.”

, Emma Revie
Client Quote

Emma Revie
Chief Executive, Trussell Trust

“To achieve the level of change we saw in 6 months without the support of Adapta would have been impossible. Shortly after completing the project the pandemic hit. Without the work completed by Adapta, our organisation would not have been able to weather the pandemic and keep working.”

, Niall Larkin
Client Quote

Niall Larkin
Former Operations Director, Dementia UK

"I have always found Adapta to be professional, diligent and responsive in their work and the work they do produce is of a high standard, with a robust understanding of the needs of the charity sector. I would recommend working with Adapta as they consistently produce good results."

, Tim Foxon
Client Quote

Tim Foxon
Finance and Operations Director, NYO

“Adapta’s real added value was in how they helped us understand how we could evolve to use data, digital and technology to support both our strategic objectives and the needs of our various audiences. We now have a focused plan of action, informed by their expert knowledge of the technology and partner landscape"

, James Cuming
Client Quote

James Cuming
Regional Leader, L'Arche UK

"Your review and report has proven invaluable in bringing focus to our current IT challenges and has given us a clear pathway through these challenges, as well as an excitement as we consider the potential still to be unlocked in a modernised IT infrastructure."