Implementation and change delivery: Transformation programmes

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"Embark on transformative journeys, successfully aligning your organisation's vision with comprehensive programmes that drive innovation, efficiency and long-term impact."

As well as helping our clients devise and develop programmes of technology and digital innovation and change, we are also often asked to support our clients as they implement these programmes.

Sometimes we are asked to provide comprehensive support to oversee the programme governance, whilst at other times we may be asked to support specific workstreams or projects – providing specific expertise, technology skills or market knowledge where necessary.

Key though, is that our team can help you transform your organisation's strategic vision into reality; helping you to deliver ambitious programmes of change with confidence and effectiveness.

Why Adapta

Adapta’s experience tells us that – although the choice of technology solutions and partners is vital – technology programmes are not merely technology projects. Governance structures, excellent communications, expectation management, and commercial relationships are all vital elements of any programme of change. Our team will bring expertise, experience and insight that will provide an added level of assurance and confidence to everyone involved in your programme, helping ensure that everything stays on track.


We have helped many charities, membership organisations and other non-profit organisations with their Transformation programmes projects. Below are examples of just a few of the organisations we have worked with.

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What our clients say

, Rachel Rand
Client Quote

Rachel Rand
Strategic Director - Finance and Corporate Services, NCB

"I would not embark on any IT project without first meeting with Adapta to understand how they feel they could support me. I have found their guidance and practical support invaluable…"

, Alison Seabrooke
Client Quote

Alison Seabrooke
Chief Executive, Bank Workers Charity

“Adapta helped BWC to quickly articulate its technology vision into a suite of workstreams and, provided support for each of them. Adapta were flexible and responsive throughout, adjusting their support to meet BWC’s needs.”

, Stephen Hammersley
Client Quote

Stephen Hammersley
Chief Executive, Pilgrims' Friend Society

“Adapta were pivotal to the successful implementation of some mission critical change projects. They brought us expertise that we lacked and supported us through all phases including specification; design; tendering and implementation - and they were nice people to deal with – respectful of our values and way of working.”

, Emma Revie
Client Quote

Emma Revie
Chief Executive, Trussell Trust

“To achieve the level of change we saw in 6 months without the support of Adapta would have been impossible. Shortly after completing the project the pandemic hit. Without the work completed by Adapta, our organisation would not have been able to weather the pandemic and keep working.”

, Niall Larkin
Client Quote

Niall Larkin
Former Operations Director, Dementia UK

"I have always found Adapta to be professional, diligent and responsive in their work and the work they do produce is of a high standard, with a robust understanding of the needs of the charity sector. I would recommend working with Adapta as they consistently produce good results."

, Alex Beard
Client Quote

Alex Beard
Deputy Director, Tate

"The review was challenging as it highlighted a number of areas for improvement. But a particular strength was the way in which Adapta communicated their findings and conclusions to us, enabling a constructive and forward-looking response."