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DPA, Information Security and Cake

Wednesday 7th February 2024 at 14:00 GMT

Royal College of Nursing , 20 Cavendish Square , London , W1G 0RN

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Empower, protect, connect: Elevating your organisation’s impact through effective data guardianship.

About this session
This event is exclusively designed for not-for-profit organisations that are committed to securing their valuable data and ensuring they retain the ongoing trust and confidence of the people that matter to them - whether that means donors, supporters, service users, partners, staff, volunteers or anyone else with an interest in the organisation's work.

Immerse yourself in expert-led sessions on cutting-edge data protection strategies tailored for not-for-profits, techniques for navigating the complex landscape of information security, methods for securing organisation-wide 'buy-in' to compliance activities, and the latest developments in privacy regulations. Connect with like-minded charity leaders, technology experts, and data protection professionals to share insights, challenges and success stories so that you can navigate this increasingly complex field with confidence.

During this session, we will explore topics such as the latest developments in relation to the new UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill, the latest risks and threats in relation to cyber security, and what all of that might mean for your organisation. As well as covering relevant emerging topics, we will also give consideration to timeless management principles that can help you stay in control, get people engaged (enthusiastic, even!) about the topic, and turn rigorous protection of your data assets into something that clearly benefits the organisation rather than having it feeling like a compliance or risk minimisation burden.

What will attendees gain from attending this session?
  • Strategic Insights: Gain expert-led insights into cutting-edge data protection strategies specifically tailored for not-for-profit organisations, equipping your team with strategic knowledge to navigate evolving information security landscapes.
  • Legal Compliance: Stay abreast of the latest compliance and privacy regulations, ensuring your organisation’s operations align seamlessly with legal requirements and industry standards, thereby mitigating risks and liabilities.
  • Collaborative Networking: Connect with peers, charity leaders, technology experts, and legal professionals to share experiences, challenges, and successes, fostering a collaborative network that extends beyond the event for ongoing support.
  • Enhanced Supporter Trust: Equip your team with the latest tools and practices to safeguard supporter data, reinforcing trust and confidence in your organisation’s among supporters and stakeholders.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Hear about cost-effective yet robust solutions to fortify your organisation against cyber threats, ensuring that resources allocated to your cause have the maximum impact on your mission.
  • Skill Development: Empower your team with skill-building opportunities, enabling them to proactively address data protection challenges and contribute effectively to your organisation’s overall success.
  • And as always… enjoy all the cake you can eat (fruit and other options are provided also)!
The programme
14.00 - Arrival and welcome
            Adapta Consulting

            Welcome to the event, introductions and overview of the agenda for the afternoon.

14:10 - Information security update – what’s the latest in the sector?
             Paul Sypko, Partner, Adapta Consulting

            Paul will update us on the recent developments affecting non-profit organisations -
            including the latest risks and threats in relation to cyber security.

14.30   Data protection update
            Carla Whalen, Partner, Russell-Cooke Solicitors

            Carla will give a summary of the current data protection landscape and update us on
            the upcoming changes to data protection law as the Data Protection Digital Information
            (DPDI) Bill makes its way through parliament.

           TEA/COFFE - Opportunity to share learning with peers

15:15 - Case study
            Short stories from a charity speaker

            Cheryl Hodgson, Risk Controls and Compliance Manager, Motability Foundation 
            Cheryl will discuss how they have introduced their GDPR strategy into Motability
            Foundation. She will share the challenges they encountered, including those that they
            continue to face, and the processes they have in place to overcome them.  

15:45 - Discussion and feedback

            A round table discussion and feedback.

16.30 - Review and close
17.00   Adapta Consulting

Who should attend this event?
The session will draw on case studies from the sector and the subsequent discussion will cross the traditional departmental boundaries; so senior managers have been invited from finance, HR, IT, digital, fundraising, marketing and communications disciplines as well as those with any sort of data, compliance or information security responsibilities.

To make a booking
Attendance is free and only open to charities, memberships, trusts and other non-profit organisations. Complete the online booking form, here.

Royal College of Nursing, 20 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0RN

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, Rebecca Pritchard
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Rebecca Pritchard
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"Adapta have been honest and realistic with us throughout. They are clear where they can add value and where we can do things on our own – so it feels like a partnership..."

, James Kliffen
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James Kliffen
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"You have had a huge influence in our fundraising, and I would enthusiastically recommend you to other charities (and often have)..."

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Phil Durbin
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Dawn Varley
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Iain McSeveney
Finance Director, Medical Aid for Palestinians

"I’m very pleased with the professional way that Adapta managed the project for the selection of MAP’s new accounting software. It was obvious that they have great experience in the charity sector and on the range of suitable accounting software currently on the market..."

, Rachel Rand
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Rachel Rand
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Rosalba Leonelli
Head of Finance, Client Earth

"Thank you to you and your team for developing and facilitating an excellent workshop. You fully understood our needs which were evident in the workshop structure and content…"


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