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Improving your Processes

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In today’s fast-paced environment, service users, supporters, members and other stakeholders don’t just expect high-quality service provision – they demand it. At the same time, organisations need to keep control of overheads and remain cost-effective, efficient and competitive.

The key to achieving both of these objectives is to have an operationally efficient, well-run organisation. Yet, changing established practices can be difficult; it is your people that will ultimately own the change process and make it happen, and the concept of “engineering” best-practice, lean processes that efficiently produce the required outputs will only be of benefit if you have also won the hearts and minds of the people that will be carrying out those processes.

Staying focused on what the organisation is trying to achieve, being objective about the most efficient and effective way to achieve that, and fully addressing the people issues, is therefore essential during a period of fundamental change to your organisation.

Our approach is to help you review your internal processes whilst taking into account the people issues, so that comments such as “but we’ve always done it that way!” are replaced with constructive, creative ideas for improving your ways of working, and are supported by a high level of staff engagement and enthusiasm.

We tailor our approach to your individual objectives and readiness for change, and facilitate client teams to deliver the required results whilst remaining objective and introducing best practice into the organisation. They key stages.

Stage 1
Understanding your objectives and the improvements that are required (e.g. improved service delivery, reduced costs, etc)

Stage 2
Identifying the key high-level processes for improvement, based on your objectives

Stage 3
Gap analysis, in order to evaluate existing processes and where they fall short of your requirements

Stage 4
Development of new processes, taking into account the organisation’s readiness for change and what can realistically be achieved

Stage 5
Implementation of the new processes

Stage 6
Ongoing process improvement and equipping your organisation with the ability to continually adapt and improve the processes as your needs and objectives change in the future

Our approach will bring you effective and efficient processes in one or more of the following:

  • Improved service delivery (higher quality and/or at lower cost)
  • More effective and efficient use of resources
  • Fewer delays in completing processes
  • Less duplication of tasks and information
  • Fewer processing errors
  • The right decisions being made by the right people at the right time
  • Improved team working and more effective working relationships between staff and internal departments
  • Improved job satisfaction for everyone involved

We have helped a number of organisations improve their processes, including:

  • Overseas Development Institute – Improvement of core business processes and selection of new software to support these processes
  • GirlGuiding UK – Improvement of business processes and implementation of new web-enabled membership database system

Leading Your People Through Change

Leading your People through Change

Change is inevitable, often requiring new ways of thinking and doing – shifting people from what they are used to, into the unknown. For many, change can be a positive thing; for others it may generate a feeling of uncertainty and resistance.

No matter how well designed your change programme is, not everyone will be on board from day one. Inherent or even justified resistance may lead to decreased morale and disinterest, causing a knock-on effect on your ability to capitalise on any benefits.

HR, should look at the likely needs in terms of your people, including recruitment requirements for the vision of your business, how to speed up the on-boarding process and how to build a talent pipeline, as well as ensuring that people practices and policies are aligned with your change programme. This must be done alongside the change consultant or leader so that the new needs of the business are met.

Here, at Adapta we can offer you a wealth of expertise on Change and People Management to ensure your people are with you on your journey.